A trillion dollar industry

The digital marketing industry is many trillions of dollars worth worldwide and is growing at an unimaginably prolific rate annually, raking in billions of dollars to Google and other search engine providers.

Fuelled by the proliferation of many superlatively, technologically advanced sophisticated and affordable devices, some of which fits snugly into your palm but connects you with high speed efficiency to any digital internet marketing platform anywhere in the world has made this industry an icon among all other industries on Earth today.

Search engine optimization or seo, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and many other related activities are grouped under the purview of the digital marketing canopy of influence.

The possibilities and opportunities offered by the digital marketing platform to marketing professionals to utilize it’s vast resources is innumerable and with users having quick and easy access to the search engines has made digital marketing a strong medium to take every type of marketing messages to customers fast and quick.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the important cog in the digital marketing wheel, and it is imperative that attaining high rankings on Google’s 200 point assessment method will provide your brand with undiminished and continuous visibility on the search engine when customers are searching for your product or service.

Providing high quality seo services to clients is the top prerogative of a dedicated and innovative seo company with continuous maintenance of the websites and ensuring high visibility for their brands.

When your SEO is performing at its best and the visibility of your brand is at optimum then there is every chance that your brand is surely going to take wing to bring you success with rich dividends keeping alive your efforts spent on the online marketing platform.       


Google respects privacy

Google has always striven to respect the privacy of others whilst they have been going about their business. 360 virtual tour business photos uploaded on the Google Street view trusted platform will have all the faces of any individual in the photo, blurred out.

You would like to showcase your business with an atmosphere of activity within and in the context there would be a few customers or employees captured in the photos and as a policy Google will blur the faces out to respect their privacy.

Whilst 360 photography is becoming an art it has seen the development of the first 360 compatible camera, the NCTech iris360, This advanced digital camera is able to stitch business photos together and produce some of the best virtual tour images ever seen.

A visual is known to depict a thousand words and this is exactly what Google Street view trusted is trying to do, but they go many steps forward by providing a package never seen before.

Customers are able to understand better what your business offers him and walk through your premises and see for himself and then decide if he would like to complete his need.

Customers are better informed today and research well before they arrive at the decision to buy.