Lake Side Living – A Charmed Fancy

Housing has been one of the most basic needs of the humans. However, beyond a necessity, a living place is much more! We have taken forward or evolutionary process with distinct passions and fancies; a beautiful house is one such fancy of high resonance. Had it not been so, we would have not indulged in building magnificent palaces and ambiences to live! The same desire continues till age and we are still engaged in making beautiful homes even in today’s space crunched environment. The housing sector players have sensed this intrinsic human desire as a potent one and are working out resonant concepts which are none less than genres of living ambience; just to suit the fancies of enthusiastic dwellers of age!

Adoring natural synergies through resonant ambience concepts

While urbanization appeal has remained as a potent driver behind the growth of housing vertical, some new concepts have also been received as jubilances. Many of the high end urban dwellers are cherishing the idea of rurban ambiences held away from the hustle and bustle of concentrated urban settings. Such out bound escapes are actually para migrations and reflect the desires’ conditioning of the differentiated social segments. The high end segment in particular has showed greater dynamism in shifting to more expanded, more soothing and more fancied ambiences of their choice and charms. The market is therefore experimenting readily to meet the fanciful demands.

More novel orientations include the lake side living where the inner living spaces are tried to be complemented with the scenic external ambiences and lake views to the delight of the dwellers, enthusiastic dwellers of course! Lakeville residential township is a practical example of such concept. It has been developed alongside Lake Jurong in Singapore and the mere fact that such concept has found practical utility in a state like Singapore reflects the popular charm associated with it! Such lake side development is being witnessed in many countries in the tropical geography where the ‘water charm’ is embedded deep enough in the human soul.

Experimenting the innovative spill overs of lake side living

The dedicated lake side housing development is almost a decade old activity and now differentiations and clearly visible. While the fundamental driving factor of ‘the serene lake side view for the dweller’ has remained intrinsic, the orientations and diversifications differ from the lake side villas and bungalows to lake side apartments and flotilla lake houses! So much of creative dedication is evident with this orientation of lake side living that the most prominent and high profile regions of the world have gone for it in one form or the other. In some regions frontline and innovative geo engineering inputs have been being experimented for getting through the project.

The Palm Jumeirah Sea Lake, Singaporean Lakeville project, man-made artificial lakes’ residencies are the examples of the robust charms of this concept. More innovative concepts will surely appear at the horizons; courtesy to the human fancies for its living ambiences!

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